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A2M Trading offers a complete range of chemicals, accessories and equipment for swimming pools, such as salt chlorinators, pumps filtration groups, automatic pool cleaners, blow moulded hoses, chemicals etc.

Salt chlorinators : Poolmaid chlorinator
Filtration groups : Poolmaid filters
Automatic pool cleaners : Poolmaid automatic pool cleaner
Blow moulded hoses : Poolmaid blow moulded hoses

We have numerous other products available in these categories, but the technical descriptions are not currently present on the website (please contact us for more information).

DIY Pools are becoming more popular. A pool owner can purchase a fully integrated systems from Poolmaid complete with filter, salt chlorinators, hose and pool cleaner and is very easy to install.

Salt chlorinators - Poolmaid Salt chlorinators (Contact us)

A salt chlorinator is a smart machine that takes ordinary sea (rock) salt (sodium chloride) and through the process of electrolysis converts it to chlorine and back to salt in a continuous process.

Poolmaid Salt chlorinators - convert your pool from an ordinary pool to a salt water pool.

Where do I put the salt?

  • The salt is added directly to the existing pool water.

Which kind of salt should I use?

  • Ordinary sea (rock) salt can be used, which can be bought from an animal feed supplier or pool shop.
  • The salt chlorinator initially requires, 50 Kg of salt for every 10 000 Liters of pool water (or 5 grams of salt per liter of pool water).
  • This is all that is needed to convert your pool from an ordinary pool to a salt water pool.


The Poolmaid Salt Chlorinators can be installed in any conventional domestic pool.


The Poolmaid Salt Chlorinators are cost effective, efficient and convenient to run (approx the power consumption of a 120 Watt bulb).


All our chlorinators have been designed to be:


All Poolmaid Salt Chlorinators come standard with a 12 Volt or 18 Volt low voltage safety transformer, which has been SABS, CE, UL and Australian Standards approved. The transformer is not only a safety feature but ensures the minimum space is used, less heat is generated and the power supply can be serviced and shipped more easily if the transformer is not integral to the unit.


The Poolmaid Salt Chlorinators are designed to be compact, the use of solid disc electrodes, rather than mesh electrodes generate a greater surface area for the production of chlorine and less build up of scale or fine objects.


Poolmaid Salt Chlorinators use the latest switch mode electronics, which make the units short circuit proof and ensure a constant current control.

Even Smarter

The Poolmaid Salt Chlorinators know when there is too little or too much salt in the pool. When the water has too little salt the chlorinators go into a shut down mode until the correct amount of salt is present. Too much salt is less of a problem as the current is controlled.

Easy to Install

All the components are designed to make the installation as simple as possible and we supply elbows, brackets and clips for your convenience.


No more manual dosing of chlorine.


One of the smallest units in the world.

Soft Water

Salt water is softer than ordinary water.


When you need to replace you electrodes we have supplied a blank electrode holder, which you can put in place of the electrodes and can continue to use your filter and Pool Cleaner.


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