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A2M Trading offers a complete range of chemicals, accessories and equipment for swimming pools, such as salt chlorinators, pumps filtration groups, automatic pool cleaners, blow moulded hoses, chemicals etc.

Salt chlorinators : Poolmaid chlorinator
Filtration groups : Poolmaid filters
Automatic pool cleaners : Poolmaid automatic pool cleaner
Blow moulded hoses : Poolmaid blow moulded hoses

We have numerous other products available in these categories, but the technical descriptions are not currently present on the website (please contact us for more information).

DIY Pools are becoming more popular. A pool owner can purchase a fully integrated systems from Poolmaid complete with filter, salt chlorinators, hose and pool cleaner and is very easy to install.

Filtration groups - Poolmaid filters (Contact us)

The Poolmaid filter is a unique design of pool filtration systems that is mounted on the side of the pool, or can be recessed, and includes pump, turbo skimmer for surface skimming, filtration bags, pool cleaner inlet connection and a pool light.Poolmaid swimming pool filtration group


The Poolmaid Filter can be used in any conventional domestic pool and is easy to install. Farm Dams and Reservoirs can quickly be converted into salt or normal pools.


The Poolmaid Filter's greatest advantage is in older pools where the pipes may be broken. A pipe may be difficult to access requiring decking, coral or paving to be damaged in order to access these pipes. Instead a Poolmaid Filter can be fitted at a very competitive price.

The filter is prewired with an Electrical Distribution Box and the whole installation can be done in a few hours.


This fully integrated filtration system requires:

  • No plumbing
  • No holes through the sides of the Pool
  • No backwashing - results in a substantial water and chemical saving
  • No waste water - as there is no backwashing
  • Little salt pollution when salt chlorinator is used

The Filter is:

  • Easy to install, service and operate
  • Operates pool cleaner and surface skims at the same time
  • Better suction as the pump is right next to the pool and it therefore has a short suction and return pipe
  • Fits into new and existing pools
  • Uses less electricity than conventional filtration systems
  • Filters finer than conventional filtration systems

For the ultimate pool sanitation solution a Poolmaid low maintenance chlorinator can be installed into the Poolmaid Filter to produce chlorine, a pool cleaner and hoses can be supplied to make this a compact and efficient, pool cleaning system.

Model Capacity Running Cycle
Mini Filter 60 000 Liters 12 Hours summer 8 hours winter
Maxi Filter 100 000 Liters 12 Hours summer 8 hours winter

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