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Products - Energy meters

A2M Trading markets standard electronic energy meters as well as electronic limiter and prepayment meters.

Prepayment meter : Ecolec 570
Miniature meters : Ecolec 100 Series Compact Rail-Mounted Meter

We have numerous other products available in these categories, but the technical descriptions are not currently present on the website (please contact us for more information).

Ecolec 100 Series Compact Rail-Mounted Meter (Contact us)

Key features

Ecolec 100 Series Compact Rail-Mounted Meter
  • IEC 61036 Class 2 electricity meters
  • Single, dual and three phase alternatives
  • Fits all Mini and Din rail distribution boards
  • 7 digit indication of energy consumed to 1/10 kWh
  • Dual colour lamp shows rate of consumption and/or confirms presence of incoming supply
  • Supplied with anti-tamper terminal protection plugs
  • Also available in 120V/60HzCompteurs électriques Classe 2 suivant IEC 61036

Key benefits

  • Compact size drastically reduces enclosure costs
  • Low burden and superior sensitivity for low usage consumers
  • Extended operating ranges for rural reticulation extremes
  • Absence of electronic storage eliminates meter data corruption
  • Reverse connected meter measures consumption correctly
  • Built-in self test, warning or failure indication on dual colour LED
  • Electronic pulse output or serial data stream via SLMS port
  • Withstands 10kV lightning and 1kV DC insulation testing voltages
  • Tamper proof terminal covers with optional grommets, reduce losses
  • Pulse output indicator confirms availability of supply when load disconnected
Nominal Voltage (Un) 120V or 230V AC
Operational Frequency Range 54 to 66Hz or 45 to 55Hz
Operational Voltage Range 60 to 180V or 100 to 360V
Over Voltage Withstand 600V AC for 48 hours
DC Voltage Withstand 1000V DC for 1 minute
Impulse Voltage Withstand 10kV differential mode
ESD Withstand 15kV air discharge
Basic Current (Ib) 5 Amps
Maximum Rated Current (Imax) 65 Amps
Operational Current Range 20mA to 90 Amps
Overcurrent Withstand 120 Amps for 48 hours
180 Amps for 1 minute
Fault Current Withstand 5kA for 10mS
Voltage Circuit Burden 0.2 Watts and 4 VA
LED Output Flash Rate 1000 impulses per kWh
Declared Accuracy at 0.1A ±5%
Accuracy Class Class 2
Protection Class Class 2, double insulated
Operating Temperature Storage Temperature -100C to 600C
Storage temperature -250C to 800C

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